Mohila Bohumukhi Shikkha Kendra (MBSK)

Mohila Bohumukhi Shikkha Kendra (MBSK) is an action oriented and non-political organization committed to the empowerment of the deprived,  disadvantaged and oppressed segments of the society especially poor, women and children who due to poverty, ignorance, household violence, violation of rights and vulnerability find themselves deprived and exploited in various ways. MBSK was initiated by a group of dedicated volunteers of the locality who were motivated by the sprit of traditional social work. The organization was established in 2nd February,1972 and registered with Govt. Women Affairs Department in 1980 amd started activity by formation of a Samity and MBSK gradually took the shape of organization,  through the years in 1991 registered with NGO Affairs Bureau. MBSK has been implementing various activities relating to human welfare and socio-economic development. The main objective of MBSK is to promote women empowerment through enterprise and entrepreneurship development, human right, women rights, child rights, labour rights, Gender development, leadership development, prevention of early marriage, dowry and  trafficking,  literacy and continuing education for human development and food security for ultra poor through  activities, such as Community mobilization, Health hygiene & nutrition, Skill development training, Asset transfer, Income generating activities,  Agricultural activity, HIV/AIDS, and develop human, socio-economic and health situation of the communities including minority people such as Hindu, Adibashi and other religion group evolving a participatory process of assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation through a promotion of community based small group  founding on the principles of sustainability, equity, livelihood security, peoples capability and empowerment through right based approach and legal aids. MBSK has already implemented  different project with the support of 25 National and International donor organization. The President of the peoples Republic of Bangladesh awarded “21st February Gold Medal”. to MBSK in 1981 for exceptional work on functional education for adults. MBSK continues its commitment to serving the underprivileged and work through the 12 field offices in 497 villages of 78 Unions under 8 upazilas of 3 districts all with the help of 28928 (Male- 1576, Female- 27352 and children and adolescent-2000) beneficiaries, which among the group members are 24425 (Male-576 & Female- 23849) up to November, 2011 The number of aborigine (adibashi) people is 225 and Hindu religion people is 5039 are involved with the activity of MBSK. The Total number staff of MBSK is 128.

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